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Image Source: twister Data Framework

Image Source: twister Data Framework

Enterprise software has seen a major shift over the past several years. From a rapid implementation of SaaS applications, as opposed to on-premise, to an increasingly diverse enterprise stack; businesses have adopted a multidimensional approach for their business processes.

The advent of SaaS applications has also shifted the industry to a subscription model where maintaining a low churn rate is key. In addition, application integration has shifted from an IT-centric focus to line-of-business (LOB) managers and business users. This has yielded more flexibility when selecting SaaS applications, which in turn creates an enterprise stack featuring multiple solutions from different vendors that are based on various platforms and technologies. But the success of such a multifaceted stack is dependent on a combination of system independence and app integration, which affords the user a seamless experience. Furthermore, the users of such technologies are varied in background and often do not possess the technical expertise, which was a precursor to integration in the past.

Companies in this space are now faced with a unique challenge and business need that requires them to not only offer seamless application integration, but also do so in a manner that is accessible to non-IT business users. IntegrateBusiness is a blog dedicated towards publishing content that addresses this need and the enterprise software space. In subsequent posts, you will read insights from industry experts that are aimed to help businesses drive up their top and bottom line.


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